For the one who lives in my heart

I have finally gathered the courage to write about this.

For the last million years of my life I was living thinking Love and Attachment are directly proportional to each other. If you love, you are attached. And if you are attached, you are in love. FYI, that aint true. On my recent trip to Bombay I comprehended that both of these feelings are mutually independent of each other.

Attachment as a process is tedious. It comes along with expectations.Β We focus more on becoming happy ourselves instead of making ‘us’ happy. Most of us forget how it is to feel liberated.

Only when I was inΒ Bombay, I discovered I am not attached to the one I have been willingly loving the most. Those four days in Bombay changed every perspective. And discovering this was a thrilling experience.

My most favorite color of the rainbow is love and not attachment.

spiti1 355.JPG

19 thoughts on “For the one who lives in my heart

  1. I like your view on this quite a bit ~ not a better feeling than to love, and there is not this need to be attached, instead enjoy love with the sense and feeling of freedom. Beautiful photo, wishing you well.

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  2. Shilpi!
    So you could understand the truth!
    In the right perspective, it is a blessing otherwise.
    Understanding one living in the heart is a coincidence at Bombay, but is a blessing in disguise.
    You are a Blessed one, that’s all.
    Lot has happened on my blog lately.
    You are welcome.
    I am not receiving notifications on my mail but I tried to come here through the list of my follows.
    All the best to YOU.

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