Who sees lives, but who travels lives more.

When you get down from the bus, you walk into a village with beautiful hills around. When you walk in the hills, you find a river. When you sit by the side of the river, the flowing water indirectly gives you a massage to move ahead. When you move, you enter the valley. The valley takes you to the next mountain and then the next mountain. And suddenly you find an old bridge. You cross the bridge and reach a meadow. You land yourself there and just when you are about to pitch your tent, you meet someone who tells you about this unexplored camping place just few miles ahead. And you both start walking together. You reach a place so beautiful that you spend the whole night in the sleeping bag without the tent. The starlit sky, the snow-clad mountains shining in the full moonlight embracing you. You feel cold but there is warmth in the moonlight. You sleep hungry but the next morning you are lucky to have breakfast and tea with the locals.

Until you have done this my friend, you haven’t traveled enough.

image2 (4)

image1 (6)



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