30 thoughts on “Himachal Diaries – 2

  1. Yessssss…There is a show coming these days on BBC walking the himalayas. . The presenter is walking the whole distance through countries. .and oh my god he is presently in india him a chal and walking towards Nepal. .

    Mind blowing views…

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  2. After seeing your photos, suddenly I have this yearning in my heart. There’s so much beauty in the world for me to see. So much beautiful places to wander & to get lost in its wonders. You have a lovely Blog & I love the Feisty approach.:)


  3. “A life so useless, I want to waste it traveling!” I love and can relate to this quote so well. Whenever work gets a bit overwhelming, all I need to do is look out the window and I know there is an adventure out there waiting. This photo you have here is one such adventure that would be incredible ~ inspirational 🙂

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