Happiness is… holding hands

I met this bunch of cute Himachali kids while coming back from Chitkul. We were all traveling in the local bus. I was asking them random questions about the place and gave candies every time they answered. Suddenly a kid came forward looking into my eyes. I adjusted and made some space so he could sit with me but he didn’t. After about 5 mins, he held my hand and left me wondering if holding hands is still considered as a gesture for love. Much love.

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18 thoughts on “Happiness is… holding hands

  1. While I was in India, some of the locals we worked with tried to hold my hand (full grown men). It seems that friends often hold hands in southern India.

    Unfortunately, I am an American, and I did not take to holding hands with other men well. I still remember how distraught and confused one man looked when, as a simple knee-jerk reaction, I tore my hand away from his. I felt so baaaad!

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