Stop forgetting to remember

I have a friend who watsapp’ me interesting pictures almost every morning and I kinda start my day reading whatever he sends (I am sure he does make an effort in choosing what to send because I like it all). A week back he sent me a quote and since then it has occupied some space in my crowded head.

It reads, “I think we forget things if we have no one to tell them to”. It’s a simple sentence which most people will read and ignore but I couldn’t do so. For a week now I have been thinking about things I forgot in the near past only to understand if these words make sense given the way they have captured me. Not just myself, I started probing my friends if they happened to use the word “I forgot” in our useless conversations. After a weeks’ exploration, I have come to the conclusion that the thing most people have forgotten (atleast around me) is their Passion and one of the major reason is – they don’t have anyone to talk to about them. People will talk/crib about how bad the weather or the traffic is – how beautiful the new lipstick or the dress is – how they are struggling at work, how they want pursue someone – how their partners dumped them – how ugly and disgusting the guy/girl sitting next to them is – how the government is not doing anything – how parents are not understanding them – how their friends are busy hanging out with other new friends – how many likes the picture on FB got – except for what are they most zealous for.

Why do we not talk about things we want to do in this life or the purpose of our lives (only if we have found it)? Do we not have friends who would be interested in knowing all this? Are we scared to talk about our desires just because everyone else will find it funny? Or do we simply want to keep everything to ourselves?

I don’t know, this may all be gibberish. I may not be thinking right. But I feel talking about your passions, desires; will only get you one step closer to them (the law of attraction is also pertinent here). And the best part is, if you keep talking about it, you will never forget about what the purpose of your life is – or you may just end up finding it someday. And once we start doing what we love, life will be so much better. Again, I don’t know but worth a shot!


71 thoughts on “Stop forgetting to remember

  1. i love this writing so much, and I cried. it’s happen to me lately since i felt lost from what i am doing right now. i feel i’m too old to chase my passion, but on my trip to Singapore last weekend, i bump into a stranger, random old man Who happened to sit next to me on coffee shop, before waiting for our flight. we talked alot, he assured me to chase my dream. glad finally i can talk my dream, even to a stranger

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    1. oh dear, its sad that we have lots of friends around but no one to really listen to us. sending you tons of smiles. hugs and lots of love from Delhi (the hugs may be a little cold given its freezing in Delhi :P).. yeah, i want to see you smiling now please. 🙂


  2. What a wonderful post, you have put sense in otherwise a ordered life which commands wake up,eat, work, sleep, moan and repeat … I believe that true discover of passion comes from within but sometimes ignition is required 🙂


  3. That’s true! we tend to forget things if we don’t talk about them. Whenever I feel life is getting monotonous, I take out the old pics of so many adventurous and happy moments.
    It reminds me I have had a blast back then and soon I am charged for a change in the current life style.

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  4. This is a topic I was talking to one of my friends. It is strange that the people we call friends know so less of us. The truth is no one really talks about their inner most desires or passion. I rarely talk to anyone about my inner feelings, what I really care about. I have felt that . Most people don’t have the time to care. Not blaming them but they don’t have time to sit and understand what is really YOU. And then you end up being disappointed that the other person does not get you. And secondly, there is judgement. People are easy to judge you on what you actually are. And it is easy to avoid that but not talking about what you actually are.
    Most of the time, we can easily talk about the weather and get the conversation over with mundane details.

    Totally agree, if we do what we love to do, happiness is a surety!!!

    Thank you for the post!

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    1. you are right Rohini, people are so busy sorting their shit that they forget they alone cant do much. you will need someone to pick you up when you fall – and those are your friends.
      since the time i have started traveling i have become a person who seeks peace and happiness. and thats what i talk about to people also. they call me ” gyaan ki devi’ at work now 😛

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    1. so true William. i think we need to make time to talk about our dreams –
      something like ’10 minutes everyday i will smile and only talk about what is it that i really wish to do and if i dont have anyone to listen to me, i will stand in front of the mirror and talk’ 😛 i dont know, this may help.

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  5. Your posts always bring a smile on my face:) How lovely you spoke about passion and pursuing it. Most of them around you may not tell you but they envy you, want to travel like you and stay super happily like you. Would you mind if I call you “Capt Shilpi “? I know you will not mind 😛


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    1. hahahha.. so nice of you Upen to say all those things. and i sincerely hope people waste time doing what makes them most happy. if you arent happy inside, you cant be happy outside, plus the world has enough of bitter people anyway 😛 someone has to make an effort to sprinkle happiness, why not us. 🙂


      1. The only way to be happy from inside and outside is to ” Follow your heart” .

        Stop thinking
        What others will think
        Or else
        Your life will sink

        Once a friend said “let’s make this world a beautiful place and today an another friend said let’s sprinkle happiness” . :D. Let’s do it (Y).

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  6. Ah, this post talks to me. It’s not every day that I can talk to people about my dreams, my passion, but when I can and when I do, it’s a lovely, liberating feeling! 🙂 ❤

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  7. Indeedio Shilpi..i have often used and heard the word forget in conversations but never thought how vital it is to remember events and meetings which actually might culminate into making us realise what our real interests in life are and give it a shot! Keep posting such amazing thoughts😊

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  8. 100% making sense.
    We forget the spark or the passion. Since we don’t hve someone to remind us how much we want that to happen in our lives. It’s like a small pinch of salt. Most important ingredient. Once we meet like minded people, we get inspired to move one step closer to our passion.

    Also an argument to this can be, passion should be self sustaining. If we are that passionate about something, why do we need someone to remind us. It only means, the guy is not having enough passion to live it.

    Wondeful post 🙂

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  9. Wow!! Beautifully written. I loved it completely. i can relate to every word. This took me 3 years back when i came back home. I use to talk about my work and how much i want it back. But i stopped because no one cared. I also thought that they were right . Eventually i lost interest and passion to do it again.
    But i am lucky enough to find a new love in travelling. And yes i am pursuing it, may be because i am talking about it with everyone i meet. And now i am going to it more and more, on purpose 😀
    thank you for writing this 😀


  10. Between your thoughts and your photography, you are an exceptional young woman who is giving me HOPE for this world yet. I am astonished by how you think and by what you say. Small talk puts my teeth on edge because all I want to talk about is my Passion for Life and what I do and why I do it. I could talk endlessly just about photography in of itself and what happens when I have a camera in my hands. The strangest thing happens when I do start talking passionately about Life … People close down or just plain change the subject, or even walk away. How sad. I’ve also seen fear on faces when I light up passionately talking about LIFE. I just followed you even though I first *groaned* due to following another blog. I think I might be up to let me see …. um, about 1,500 blogs I am following. LOL True. Yet you have got my interested and YOU I know shall inspire me and make me think and keep me company on those days I feel as if I am walking alone on the High Path I walk. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for acknowledging and embracing who you are and sharing that with us. What an awesome Gift you are giving not only to yourself but to us. Bless you, Shilpi!! Oh, to be young and able to do what you are! I shall live that yearning through you!! ❤

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    1. I really took me a lot of time to respond to your most kind comment Amy. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to write. Thank you so much for such encouraging words. People like you are the ones who keep me going when even my mojo has given up on me. God has been really kind because I am surrounded with immense love (atleast online if not offline J) I know what you mean when you say people begin showing their disinterest when they hear stuff like “what a lovely life” – we humans have a propensity to behave that way. But I am happy there are people like you and me J who would never give up on ourselves or our passions. Three cheers to us..

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