When Travel grows to be My Savior at Work

Every day at work I deal with “not so happy” colleagues.

Some are unhappy with their bosses, some with their work, some don’t feel valued, some crave for recognition, some strive to become better at ass-licking, some yearn for growth, some seek followers, some look for inspiration and the rest are busy discovering innovative reasons to be gloomy. Regardless of how much effort you put in to make them happy or help them see the bright side of everything, they don’t change. The next day it’s all the same again. That’s one side of the story.

I have some happy colleagues too. Most of the aforementioned stuff doesn’t bother them for long. And I am mostly found spending time with this set of people; whenever I get time. During one of our customary Chai conversations yesterday, he asked, “I wonder how you feel responding to same old emails, and getting on those conference calls discussing nothing but metrics, right after you come back from a trek/trip.” – I smiled and got back to work.

I have realized that traveling has changed my life. I love to travel and yes I love my job. The more I travel the happier I am when I join back office.

I recently went to Chitkul (India’s last inhabited village to Tibet border). After almost 21 hours of bus ride I reached Chitkul; I got down and it was was snowing.

Upon reaching the hotel I realized my bag is missing (Yes, I forgot my bag full of Warm clothes in the bus). I ran back to the bus stand only to find it left 20 minutes back. The locals were very helpful and tried their best but I couldn’t get my bag back (that also happens to be the first thing/item I ever lost while traveling). I am not an immaculate planner but this I never thought of. I was completely thrown off my game. However, I survived the next 3 days in the same set of clothes. The locals gave me a warm jacket to wear along with a pair of socks. The trip went as planned and I was happy even after losing my favorite jacket and socks 😛

Coming back to why am I happy getting back to work is because I am better prepared to face the daily drama. Travel has taught me that life actually begins at the end your comfort zone. I would have never known how it feels to spend 3 days in same clothes wearing a locals’ jacket.

We have endless to do lists, meetings, deadlines – but do we survive all this? Yes, we do! Infact we become better.

Travel has made me innovative; opened me to new skills and opportunities. It is a way to strive for something better than the usual 9 to 5 existence. It is a silent announcement that I want to live, not exist. Like traveling, I feel liberated at work too.

I guess that’s one of the reasons why I want to travel and strive to inspire people to travel.

chitkul 228


60 thoughts on “When Travel grows to be My Savior at Work

  1. Hello!
    First visit to the feisty traveler’s blog. 🙂
    Secondly, wow! I have always believed that traveling is what helps an individual unravel the greater mysteries of life. But I never came across any evidence to support my resolve, until now! I love your blog already. ❤
    And finally, I think I am allowed to tell you how jealous I am. 😀


  2. I stopped reading at “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. How very true. I’ll take that.
    Thanks for sharing. I also appreciate you coming over to my blog and even following it.


  3. Beautiful post, Shilpi 🙂

    I could relate to each and every sentence here and the following one says it all, ” Travel has taught me that life actually begins at the end your comfort zone”…

    I agree with this philosophy 100% and going through such an interesting phase in life now 🙂

    Keep sharing your thoughts 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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