These travel tattoos will give you serious Wanderlust

J.K. Rowling said “the stories we love best live in us forever.”  Every time I come back from a trip I miss the place, the people, the food, the beauty and mostly I miss the person I was at that time and at that place – it’s a strange feeling. I feel like celebrating the trip with something that secures that experience to my soul.

My love for tattoos grows stronger with every trip I take. I bother Google almost every day reading about travel tattoos and have often come across some cool travel tattoos.

These travel themed tattoos capture the emotions, symbols, and landscapes of many travelers’ adventures around the world. Time to be inspired, pack your bags, and go wander (Or go get inked).

Coordinates – Dedicated to the places you love the most or aspire to visit someday – maybe the mountain you wish to climb (like me) or the sea you wish to sail through

Globe suitcase – Just a globe on suitcase. Go pack your bags and see the world


Compass – this is a common theme but can be played really well if you find an amazing artist

Free Bird – this is my second favorite. It simply signifies a state of mind compatible to travel. Yes I’ll explore

World Map – fill in as you go. The more you see, the more you become (I mean the tattoo become)

Travel Quotes – because I want to wear my heart on my skin in this very life

Minimalist – this is my favorite. It can be an airplane, a silhouetted tree line, lakeside campsite, canvas on foot, packed suitcase or a work of art

Yes, I am a Tattoo lover! Do you have some Interesting travel tattoos to share –


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