20 things every traveler does in their 20s

1. Either do a horrible job or deal with a horrible boss – one and only point, to save money for travel

2. Hold back on eating out and resist shopping to save for travel expenses

3. Post atleast one clichéd quote on their Facebook profile – “To travel is to live by Anderson” tops the list

4. Passionately plan for that one trip they really want to take but are unable to

5. Watch movies to add wings to their sometimes lost wanderlust plans – “Into the Wild” is my favorite

6. Visit a travel store every week to try those hiking shoes, that jacket or the new backpack and wait for discount

7. Will survive for a long time without bathing and be proud of it

8. Read books on travel and more travel

9. Take at least one most clichéd selfie at a famous place and wow themselves

10. Bore the shit out of friends and family narrating their travel experiences

11. Fall in love with a place

12. Stay in cheap shared rooms with random people – and connect immediately

13. Wannabe polyglot

14. Overrate how much can do they in a day – 20 kms trek, really?

15. Put on travel pictures everywhere possibly possible – workstation, cupboard, almirah

16. Check flight prices for those 5 places they want to visit only if the ticket gets cheaper someday

17. Only feel lost when they are back home

18. Get into a debate on Tourist vs. Traveler; Anyday, Anytime, Anybody

19. Miss a bus or a flight to be able to spend one more day with someone interesting

20. Form a deep, intimate connection with a person they will never see again

The great affair, the love affair with life, is to live as variously as possible, to groom ones curiosity like a high-spirited thoroughbred, climb aboard, and gallop over the thick, sun-struck hills everyday – Diane Ackerman

Yes, I have done it all! To wanderlust and all things nice!



16 thoughts on “20 things every traveler does in their 20s

  1. 21. Constantly compare how things are done in their home country with how things are done in the country they’ve just returned from, which also usually tends to irritate family and friends a lot! Haha


  2. Please write the next post soon… as I already turned 30… 😛
    I have done most of them, but not all….!!! Hope I will do all 10 things in 30’s ….!!! hahahaha

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  3. These are so true! I’m right in the middle of my 20’s and have already done all of these things.. I can’t wait to see the other crazy 20 things that my love for travel brings! Thanks for sharing this!

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  4. Oh God.. How could I missed your blog till now.. Sincerely, loving a lott.. Every bluish white mountain and the greenery striking me inside the weather,breeze and the feel..

    Liked by 1 person

      1. When I read ur first post, scorched my head thinking how many places you’ve covered till now and I found this.. Really envy, I will surely fulfil this ASAP 🙂

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